Discover why Susan Calman is the real Wonder Woman

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Last week Susan Calman & Kevin Clifton danced a Samba to the Wonder Woman theme. Her scores weren’t too bad at 4-5-5-6=20. But consider this. The Wonder Woman theme doesn’t have the samba beats in it – it’s more of a cha cha. So Susan had to imagine those beats for herself. Making it even more tricky, a samba tempo is 100bpm. Go much slower and it can be dull and lose feeling. Go faster and it can become manic as you try to do the technical moves in a shorter space of time. On Saturday the track was at almost 20% faster at 117bpm. So Susan managed to get lots of the technical moves in even though the track was very fast, and she had to imagine the samba beats within the music. Wow! Wonder Woman indeed!


Strictly Wonder Woman

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