How it works

DancePicker allows you to search for dances or tracks. You can enter the track name and / or artist to find a track you’re interested in. Alternatively you can use a drop down ‘dance style’ – this gives 30 dance styles to choose from. Or perhaps you’re looking for an occasion such as a wedding first dance or a track that’s been on a TV Dance show – there’s a second drop down box that gives you an additional twelve filters.

But that’s not all. You can also select tracks by entering the tempo range that you’re interested in. So you could look for a foxtrot by Michael Bubl√© that would be suitable for your first wedding dance. Once you have found a track you like (and don’t forget you can find tracks using Tempo Picker) you’ll be taken to the search results page.

This gives you a list of tracks and styles to choose from. Select one and you’ll be taken to the ‘track info’ page that gives you all the information on the track and a preview on itunes or 7Digital when available.

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