Get DancePicker! The inspirational app helping you find the right dance for your music and the right music for your dance.

  • Thousands of tracks, dance styles and tempos to discover
  • Use ‘Tempo Picker’ to get tracks at the tempo you choose
  • Select a style of dance and you’ll have a list of tracks. You can even combine style and tempo to get the perfect track for you
  • Easily find Ballroom, Latin or Other styles at your chosen tempo
  • ‘YourPick’ gives you tracks that aren’t suitable for any included dance style so you can do your own thing!
  • Use filters to find tracks that have been used in movies, musicals, TV Dance shows…
  • Lots of filters find tracks that are just right for your special event – a Halloween party, a wedding first dance…
  • Listen to a preview of the track if available on iTunes with the option to buy
  • ‘Favourites’ is an easy way to make a playlist
  • Share with your friends on social networks that you have found a track on DancePicker!
  • Clean and intuitive interface gives you an amazing experience

Available on the Appstore for apple phones or Googleplay for Android phones.


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