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Frankly, DancePicker is a godsend. I regularly need to find music of a particular rhythm, and it’s surprisingly hard – you end up randomly googling, and getting random forum posts where people have listed their favourite jive tracks (say). It always *seemed* like there should be some decent repository somewhere, and that’s exactly what DancePicker promises. And, amazingly, delivers.

Apps like these live and die by their data: is there actually enough information there to be useful? Thankfully, yes! There’s a huge song database with full details of each song’s beats per minute, dance style – and even where it’s been used on tv/stage/elsewhere. This last one is particularly great – I found a waltz I liked, and was then told it had been used on Strictly Come Dancing, including the series and episode, so I could look up the video. I’m amazed they’ve put so much data together – it must have been quite the job.

The app itself works well, too. You can search for songs by all the above criteria, and it’s all quick and easy. The BPM search is particularly elegant. My only suggestion would be to make the first screen a little clearer – it’s not entirely obvious at first which button you should choose, or where you should start. A few minutes of playing around sorts that, but it’s worth checking out the video clips on the website too – they’re brief, but clear and well-narrated, and quickly show you what’s best.

In short, this is a quiet little app that’ll quickly become indispensable. Recommended!


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